Dominick Luchesi

Dominick Luchesi is an 11 year old boy from Troy, Illinois.   He is a loving, caring, and sweet child who loves karate, baseball, basketball, and most other sports.  He is also a devoted Christian and Chicago Cubs Fan.  His mom and dad are Angie and Bill Luchesi, and they have a much loved family dog named Bella.   They are a devoted family with lots of love and care for God; each other; their family and friends; and the community.   Last year, Bill and Angie became foster parents to help other children in need of a loving family.  Bill, Angie and Dominick welcomed foster children into their family with open arms. Even though the foster children’s stay is usually short, they made them feel like they are part of their family. As a family, they celebrate God at Bethel Baptist Church in Troy IL, and they spend a lot of time with their church family helping others.

On Friday July 20th 2012, they made a trip to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center Emergency Room in St Louis for some stomach issues Dominick was having that they thought could be easily fixed with medication.  They assumed it would be a quick fix, and they would shortly return home.  However, once Dominick was seen by the ER doctors, a CT scan of the abdomen was completed. Sadly,multiple, large abdominal masses were identified.  These masses turned out to be tumors that were putting a lot of pressure on his intestines, kidneys, and bladder. Dominick was then taken to the operating room where laparoscopic surgery was performed to obtain biopsy samples of the tumors which were then sent to the lab to be tested.

Soon after, he was admitted to a regular room for monitoring while they waited for the results of the biopsy.  Monday would be the earliest results would be available.  During this time, he recieved continuous pain medication, with a goal of keeping him comfortable during this unfortunate waiting period.  A catheter was placed to make urinating less difficult; medication was given to assist with an elevated blood pressure; and once he started vomiting, a nasogastric tube was placed to remove air and pressure from the abdomen and intestines.

By Sunday his blood pressure continued to be very high, and due to the NG tube, he was unable to take pills by mouth.  Therefore, he was moved to the PICU so that special IV blood pressure medication could be given to help bring it down.  Also, during this time he received multiple abdominal xrays to keep an eye on his stomach and intestines.

Monday July 23rd 2012,  was a very busy day.   Latest update as follows:

Pathology preliminary reports say he has a sarcoma type cancer called small round blue cell, but the exact type will be identified in the final pathology report.  Today he will have a bone scan, chest CT, and Echocardiogram of his heart.  Tomorrow he will get a PET (Body) scan to see any hot spots in the tissues, and a PICC Line or Port-a-cath will be placed to start chemo.  At least one of these IV accesses is needed in order to start chemo.  Also, once placed, it means less needle sticks for Domi.   If he gets the port-a-cath, he will go to the OR, and at the same time, a bone marrow aspiration biopsy will be completed.  If he gets the PICC line, it will be placed at the bedside, and the bone marrow aspiration would be done at the bedside also.  His doctors think he will need a combination of chemo and radiation to treat this illness.  Please pray for accurate test results and wisdom for the doctors.

Pathology is diagnosing it as Desmoplastic small round blue cell cancer. For right now plan is to be on chemo for 3 days then off for 18 days which is considered 1 cycle. Needs 6 cycles of this, then they will re-evaluate to see if treatment is working.


7/30/12 – 4:30am:  Dominick Luchesi went into cardiac arrest.  The nurses and doctors did everything they could but were unable to bring him back.   Dominick passed away at 4:59am and is with God.    Please keep Dominick’s Mom, Dad and family in your prayers.  They will need the strength to get through this.

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