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Please feel free to share your thoughts and prayers for the Luchesi Family.

Condolence Cards can be mailed to:
Bill and Angie Luchesi
P.O. Box 3
Troy, IL 62294

7/30/12 4:30am:  Dominick went into cardiac arrest.  The nurses and doctors did everything possible to save him but were not able.   Dominick passed away at 4:59am.  Please pray for Dominick’s Mom, Dad and family.  They will need the strength to make it through this most difficult and sad time.  God Bless.

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  1. Dear Bill and Angie,
    I am so very sorry to hear about Dominick. He is a beautiful boy and I can’t imagine your sorrow. Please know that we are praying for you and your family that you will be comforted in this time of loss. God bless you and keep you in his tender loving care.

    Julie Ferrie

  2. Well today is my second birthday I have to go through with out you. I miss you waking me up in the morning saying happy birthday daddy and then singing to me. I miss it so much. I miss you so much baby boy. Today is just another day without you. I love you baby boy more than anything

  3. Our 12U and 13U Jr. Panther teams are going to play in your tournament 4-6 Apr 14. I know you’ll be watching us as it will be such an honor as your friends will be playing the game you love so much. Miss you.

  4. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you Domi. We love you and Miss you. Your mommy and daddy talk about you all the time. They miss you buddy. We all feel your presence in spirit and we know you are here with us. We hope you will be a guardian angel for our baby that is coming any time. I hope he is a sweet and brave boy like you. Make sure you look for my Mama, she is up in Heaven with you. I am sure she would love for you to show her around Heaven. Please keep her company. We miss her too. Happy Birthday! Love you always! Steve and Cody.

  5. I wanted to sau this yesterday but my body couldnt let me type so anyways Happy Birthday Domi!I miss you and Love you

  6. Thank you to everyone who came out to the tournament this weekend. And thank you to the park district and all the volunteers who worked so hard on the fields to get them ready and everyone that put this event together. It means so much to Us. I know Domi was smiling the whole weekend watching his buddy’s playing baseball.

  7. 2 years ago Friday the 11th you pitched in your tournament, i remember you were not feeling good but did not want to miss your game and when we got to the field tou coach told you you were starting pitcher and you smiled so big even though you didnt feel good. Domi pitched and struck out 8 batters made a couple plays in the field and I remember you ran home and slid (he loved to slide)
    What a great memory that I love to share. I am so thankful that i was able tobe at your games. I love and miss you so much baby boy.

  8. Sorry I haven’t seen you in a while Domi. But it’s just hard for me to see you without crying I miss you and love you to much and still think of you every night I miss you so so so so much and wish you were here with me

  9. Hi my angel boy,
    Mommy loves you so very much! Your friends do too. They made T-shirts with your name on the back to remember you during the Volley for Life game last night. I know you were there with us and smiling the whole time. I am so thankful for everyone who has supported us these past few years. It’s been a difficult road but their love and generosity has helped greatly. I can’t wait to see your beautiful smile and talk about old times when we get together again. I Love You More than Anything!

  10. Lifting your family up in prayer. May our Heavenly Father grant you peace and comfort today and everyday. Please find solace in the knowledge that Dominick now lives in the joyous Kingdom with our Almighty Father.

  11. My prayers our sent your way.. No parent should ever have to go through this.. God Bless you all.

  12. I love and miss you baby boy. Yesterday was a very hard day it does not get easier not having you here. I cant wait to see you again and give you a big hug and kiss. I love you

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